Mini-loans. Small loans with quick payout and high approval

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The mini loan is for you who stand and need a small amount (up to DKK 50,000). It is both easy and quick to search a mini loan. The case processing is quick and the money is on your account the same day or the day after. See also:

Instant loan vs. Consulting

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Prohibition of advertising for loans with immediate payout and without detailed creditworthiness check in Switzerland Since 1 January 2016, new guidelines that apply to all Swiss credit providers have come into force, which should contribute to increased consumer protection.These related, on the one hand, to conventions for credit advertising

Saving taxes with a loan – How do I deduct the credit from income tax?

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Saving money with a loan? How does that work? Simply by deducting interest the end of the year, which reduces the taxes payable. This is not difficult; We’ll show you how it works. Ultimately, you have to pay less taxes and thus save money. The costs of loans

Save money by rescheduling

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Are you in a situation where you have one or more loans at a bank or credit institution? Do you have open invoices for the credit cards? Here we show you how you can combine the loans and repost them to save interest and therefore cash. On average, you

Calculation of the maximum amount of your loan in Switzerland

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You intend to make a loan request in Switzerland? But how do you calculate the maximum loan amount to which you are entitled? Here’s how much the maximum amount of your loan is. Gladly we advise you also by E-Mail or telephone.   Smaller loan amounts than 80,000 CHF:

Lending rates – an important factor in borrowing

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Do you want to build a house soon, buy a car or make another, bigger investment? Then you may want to take out a loan because you do not have enough cash at the moment. Credit providers are best found on the internet, where you can also calculate the

Lending term: Low loan installment due to longer term of the loan

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The repayment term is a deciding factor of the loan. In order to prevent payment difficulties in advance, the right duration must be chosen so that the monthly payments are easier to cope with. The term refers to the period of repayment of the loan. If you want a

Applying for loan with your partner brings better conditions

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Get better loan terms by borrowing together with your partner, spouse, or other family members. The decision to purchase a new interior or a new car is usually not made alone. You should not apply for a loan alone. Not only the spouse, but also the life partner, friends,

Credit vs. Credit cards for financing: Pay off your debts via credit cards by replacing them with a personal loan

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Do you have credit card debt? Or are you slowly losing track of multiple credit cards and wanting a cheaper alternative rather than risking over-indebtedness? Here are some of the benefits of borrowing and how it can help you reduce your debts through credit cards. A loan consolidation offers

Early repayment of a personal loan: How to pay off your loan before the end of the term

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What you have to consider when redeeming your personal loan early is explained by us. You have completed a personal loan in Switzerland and would like to repay it before the end of the term? Do you have the right at all and if so, under what conditions? Are